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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Friday, July 18, 2008
    'Amazing race'

    woot.. its blogging time... hmmm.... latest news... I've been running ard the island of singapore for amazing race!!! haha.... for the pass 2 days, our battalion organised an amazing race thruout the whole of singapore... had 5 checkpoints.. well, it was OK la... the travelling time sucks though.. we tio the kns route.. -.- then... perspired quite alot lolx.. but had some fun in the mean time... chatting... laming ard laughing and stuff.. haha... on the 1st day of the amazing race, which is thu, we went to 2 checkpoints... namely fort canning and kranji war memorial...

    I learned how to go to fort canning... hoho... nxt time bring baby there for a stroll... XD i took several videos at fort canning... hoho but its for own personal collection only... haha sorry folks... lol... we completed our tasks, n waited for 2hrs.. lol.. tts the only thing about the race.. its not much of a race when u haf to wait right? lolx... well, i bought a pair of sunglasses from PS.. XD i had a hard time choosing.. lolx.. well, i decided to make my buy when i saw the reaction of the salesgal.. she laughed when i tried the white pair of glasses... then i tried several more until she stopped laughing.... hahaha... a new way of choosing ur stuff.. =x then went back to take photo with the station IC.. then off we went to kranji memorial.. damm hot weather... perspired alot.. tink i lost some weight these 2 days... wahahahahaha.. nutin much to do there.. jus the qns tt were set for us. we had our 3rd checkpoint for the day, but it was too late to proceed with it.. so we decided to go to the checkpoint the nxt day..

    supposed to meet the guys at city hall mrt at 8am.. however the stupid buses were full jus when i needed them... zzzz 3 full buses drove by b4 a quite full one came... 3 LEH!!! tmd... zzz then a FULL mrt left... then i was late lor... went to wait for junhao then head to tana merah tgt.. but then the rest were still eating at city hall so we went to have our breakfast at bedok... the kway teow.. nice lea.. hoho.. if only i could enjoy them slowly...

    Went to changi chapel... completed our tasks, went to take pictures with the MONSTER GUN!!! hoho... took several candid shots too.. haha.. but then with jacob.. roarrs wait till he send me then i upload them ba.. haha... had lunch after tt.. XD bought a sock for my n82 whereas mr tiac pin bought a pair of shoes... lol.. our nxt checkpoint was army museum... TMD 1 END TO THE OTHER!!!!! stupid route we had to take.. zzZZzz suay jiao... anw... went to the museum.. answered qns as well, then went back to camp lor... then after debrief n stuff, went to meet baby at gek poh cos the movie timings werent good n the seats were mostly taken.. kelian de baby.. no movie to watch.. well, i'll b watching hellboy tml!!! i dun care!! i go chiong earlier to buy tickets.. hehe... tts all for the 2 days i had the amazing race.. will b uploading the pics another day.. when i get all the pics ready.. look forward to it guys! haha... check out my new playlist!! haha... some childhood memory songs there... DIGIMON!! haha.. n introducing 'the ring' song... hoho.. feel the spookiness!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.............................................................................

    11:41 PM