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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Tuesday, January 19, 2010
    Dead space extraction

    Hello everybody~~~~~ as the title suggests, i'm gonna talk about dead space extraction today...

    first of all, i'll show u guys wat is dead space extraction. tis is the wii cover pic for the game.

    there. tis game didnt exactly caught my eye at 1st, but after browsing thru gamespot, i noticed it has quite a high review n even got the best wii game for the yr! therefore, i decided to gif it a try...

    1st impression

    when i 1st got it, i was quite reluctant to start, cos i wasnt a really brave guy i can say. i tot it would b like those scary monsters popping out from every corner as i move along. however, after i started playing, i found it not so scary anymore. Y? becos i wasnt controlling the movements. i wasnt walking ard in the game myself. hahahaha. yes. u cannot control ur own character.

    when u can control ur own movements, u'll b more prone to being frightened, cos u're concentrated on moving ur character. therefore it gave me room to relax. however, it spawned another problem for me. i felt giddy after playing for quite awhile due to the inability to control and know in advance where to put my sight on.

    although i could not control my movements, i could say the auto movements were pretty well thought out n done by the game producers. for those who haf higher tolerance than me will find the movements good n dramatic enuf.

    1player or 2players?

    i haven tried the 1player mode myself, cos i would play with my gf tgt. i would suppose there would b not much of a difference other than 1 part. the interactive part. at some particular points of the game, u would nid to solder the points on the board to overwrite programs. its jus some interactive gameplay incoporated by the producers which requires both players to coordinate. as 1 of u will solder ur way thru whereas the other 1 of u would fight off the hordes of monsters known as necromorphs if im not wrong.

    here's quick look at wat u're up against.
    Note : the bigger ur tv is, the uglier they get. :)

    soldering might get irritating at times cos there would b some booby traps as well. u'll get to c them as u play along...


    along the way, u would get to play as different characters in the game(mainly Nate). the gameplay, is however similiar throughtout all characters. only the thing tt is different is tt everytime u jump into a new character's body, u would lose most of ur weapons. there r loads of different weapons out there. but due to the mode i played, u can probably complete the whole game without ever needing to use other weapons other than ur rivet gun, which is has unlimited ammo.
    FYI : i completed NORMAL mode using a rifle for the last boss.

    i would not b able to gif u guys a detailed breakdown of the weapons cos i myself haven really used them very often. u'll haf to explore them urselves!! haha...

    The Verdict
    Good game. play it with a partner to enjoy more fun times tgt. u might wanna play it alone too to enjoy a different experience.

    enjoy the ending when u clear the game. :)

    2:08 AM

    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    iphone. the hottest phone now. almost everyone is using it. its so popular... wat's so nice about tt phone? i've been tinking to myself. isit really so nice to use? isit a mus haf technology?

    to find out the answers to the above questions, i went to get 1 myself. lol.
    in the box...
    side view of the box....
    cant get a pic of the phone. cos im using it to take the pics. lol.....
    anw, after using it for like 1day+, i got used to it. i adapted to it pretty fast i can say. i quickly got used to the touch screen thingy. lol. its pretty sensitive.
    note : for ppl with fat fingers like me, use the very tip of ur fingers to touch the screen.
    it can get pretty irritating at 1st, cos u cant get the letter u wan to appear. lol. my fingers pretty much got in the way. i kept pressing other alphabets unknowingly. hahaha.
    guofu helped me setup my phone. itunes registration n stuff. after tt, i was able to dl applications n use them alr!! hoho. its kinda exciting cos i've nv got something so high tech b4. lol.. all in my palm!! XD
    other than playing ard with my iphone, i've been playing back restaurant city on facebook. lol... a couple of new stuff... quite interesting. but most importantly, im kinda bored. lol.... guess i nid to find some sort of entertainment of some kind. guess i nid to buy more games for my wii. lol.... i also changed how my character in restaurant city look like... here it is.. lol..

    haha.... cute isnt it? ^^

    came to notice tis game coming out on wii as i was browsing thru gamespot.

    Fragile : Farewell ruins of the moon

    The song used in tis trailer is v nice. its actually the ending theme for the game if im not wrong. anyone interested can get it from me. ^^

    i plan to get tis game to play when its out. hehe. cant wait for it. ^^
    well tts all folks. thanks for reading. o(^_^)oV

    12:32 AM

    Saturday, January 9, 2010
    fringe! and some thoughts.... o.o

    hello! tis is the 1st post in the yr 2010!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! hohoho. i've been watching tis drama serial called fringe. its about high technology. its about strange happenings which seems supernatural, but has SCIENTIFIC explanation!!! its a very interesting drama indeed. both me n my gf are hooked to the show... it explores the world of science... although i do not noe how much from tt show actually exist, but the show linked it pretty well.

    the show brings in a different kind of view to all the supernatural things tt happen. it brings me to tink alot too. technology has advanced to a stage where nothing is impossible. it has even gone out of control. tts wat fringe is trying to imply. every episode has a new depth in it.

    the more i watch, the more i come to tink about the stuff tts in the show. Walter Bishop(the scientist tts helping the FBI) once said, he believed in alternate universe. example, there's Me. Everytime i make a decision, 2 alternate universe would b created. 1 of the decision i made, and 1 of the other i didnt. from then after, every decision i make would then create more alternate universe. i drew a chart to explain the above i jus said.
    of cos it will not create endlessly. some of the Me in other universes die due to the different decisions made. tt was the theory of Walter about alternate universe. it then occured to me. y do we dream? its a constant activity of the brain. however, where does those images come from? it wouldnt jus appear out of nowhere. plus, it feels entirely real in every dream u remember right? therefore, i thought it might link us to the theory by Walter Bishop.
    Dreams are visions from the other Me(s).
    did u ever notice how sometimes the Me in dream doesnt look like u? ever noticed someone in ur dream felt like someone u noe now but doesnt look the same? it all kinda make sense now. due to the different decisions made by Me n the other Me(s), everyone would haf looked completely different!

    The vast universe might haf many secrets we humans haf yet explored, understand and even get to noe of. for all u noe, we might b the least advanced throughout the other universes.

    ok. it may seem all lame n stupid stuff. but i personally feel tt it might b true. till the day some scientist find its truth to it, i can jus dream at night n meet the other Me(s) thru dreams.... May some scientist stumble upon tis post n find out some truth about it.... lol....

    till nxt time.... cya guys.... thanks for reading... ^^

    12:37 PM