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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Wednesday, September 30, 2009

    the title for tis post says it all. im sick. AGAIN. well, tis time there's no quarantine, but it felt like 10times worst than the other time.

    i suspect it all started with the carrot cake. after eating it, i felt bloated. ard 8+ i started to experience body aches. but i kept playing ECO despite tt. ard 9+ close to 10, i felt v hot. i touched my forehead. fever. -.-

    had several times of diarrhea. then ard 12+am, i had diarrhea again. tis time, with vomitting. i felt so terrible..... i vomitted everything from my stomach. its so disgusting. zzzz... the whole basin was full of it. >.<>

    took my temp after tt. 38.18deg. shoke my head n went to sleep again. had diarrhea again at 6+. omgz i nv felt so weak b4 in my entire life. i then had diarrhea on n off till afternoon. mum took urgent leave to come back home to bring me to c doc. i was feeling better alr but my stomach was still grinding. i haf no idea wat is happening in my stomach but it felt weird. after seeing the doc, he gave me some medi.

    fever, vomitting, diarrhea n bloating medi. i din noe wat the bloating one is for but well, im not a doc. haha.. he told me the reason for my illness was stomach flu. however i tot otherwise. i tot it was the carrot cake. oh well, i felt better after eating the medicine but still experiencing some lost of water once in awhile. -.-

    i laid on my bed for the whole day. waking up once in awhile to go toilet. zzzzz it sure din feel good. i hope tis will nv happen to me again. it feels so bad...... zzzzzzzzzzzz

    10:06 PM

    Monday, September 21, 2009
    Friends & Family

    WARNING : The following post is gonna b long and loads of words.


    i was looking ard facebook, when i chanced upon whitney's status.
    "can anyone tell me wats the defination of friends?"

    hmm. i tot for awhile. then i replied her post.
    "different ppl haf diff definations. u haf to find ur own."

    well. tts wat im gonna talk about to day.


    ever wondered y i would say tt to whitney? here's y. some ppl might think tt friends = ppl tt stick with u thru thick n thin. tts 1 kind of friends. friends r split to many different kinds actually. i myself experience tt. i can classify friends into several categories, mainly

    Hi Bye friends
    Play friends
    Good friends
    Close friends
    Friends i cannot do without.

    i'll 1st explain bout the 'Hi Bye friends'. oh wait. it actually speaks for itself. lol. lets skip it. NEXT!!!

    Play friends. these r frens i play with. i can ONLY play with. means, when im in the mood for playing game or watsoever, i'll look for them. n naturally, some of them i will only look for me for tt purpose only.

    Good friends. these r ppl whom i will call good friends because i tink of them once in awhile. they would haf appeared in my life for a short period of time but i would consider them impt to my growing up life.

    Close friends. these r friends whom i consider to b impt to me. they will come to my mind v often but they cannot b compared to friends i cannot do without. reason y? they dun even come close to understanding me 80%. let alone 100%. yes they might haf been a v impt person in my life when i m growing up. but then again, in my own categorizing, they do not noe my darkest secret. y? cos i dun tell them, or they haf their own life to lead. i cant always hold on to their time telling them my secrets yea?

    Friends i cant do without. these ppl r ppl, who holds a special place in my heart.(of cos other than my family n my baby lijun ^^) they r ppl who noes me very well. wat i tink. wat im gonna do nxt n wat im gonna say. seriously. sometimes we might say the same thing at the same time, or type the same msg in msn. i let them noe my darkest secrets etc. they will b able to push away their things jus to hear me say wat i want to say. they r the friends tt make me wat i m now. im very grateful to them. they r the ones who goes thru thick n thin with me. they will not turn their back on me. they will gif me a hand n support me when i nid help. i love them lots. they might make me mad at times but they'll always make up for it. well, guys will always b guys. we'll jus trash it out n it'll b hands on shoulders again. well. its not tt friends i cant do without r all guys.

    there r gals whom i consider in this category too. i might not talk to them much but whenever i haf a chance to meet them, it'll feel like we've nv been apart at all! we can talk like normal, laugh n haf fun as though we r meeting everyday! tts the power of true friendship. tis is also the reason y i split my friends into groups. cos over the years, u'll notice the difference with all of them.

    Lastly, to me, everyone whom i came across in my life is considered my friend. u will always haf a spot in my heart. its jus tt where u r placed. haha.... yes u.. ^^


    its a simple word everyone says or types out so easily. haf u ever wondered y ppl always say family is the most impt? not only because ur parents worked so hard to feed u. but the fact tt without them, u r nothing. once in awhile, some ppl will say i hate my parents n watever mean stuff... but haf u considered y r u hating them? is it really their fault? of cos there r cases where parents really make mistakes. well. i can only pray for u. but all i can say, 70% of the time ur parents care a hell lot about u. even ur siblings.(if u have any.)

    y would i say tt? recently, when tim, my youngest bro got fever on n off all of a sudden. i was kinda worried. no idea y but i got worried. i could say its brotherly love. (hohoho... all of a sudden i become a nice bro? XD)

    sometimes i really wonder wat is kenniy tinking too. he is so quiet all the time. i wonder if he reads my blog. bro. can we chat sometime? mum call me to talk to u more. u're so quiet. >.< Ur smile is always so true. ever since young, i noticed ur smile has always been nice. but nowadays, i sense abit of sadness within it. care to tell me wats wrong someday bro?

    well, today b4 dinner i saw tim drinking bubble tea. i said to him tis particular sentence
    "waaa. drink bao bao cha nv buy for me. kui wo hai mei ci mai gei ni."
    guess wat? he remembered wat i said.

    when i was reading manga at ard 9+ he came into my room, and asked if i wanted anything from gek poh. i looked at him n said, slurpee. he said ok. wat flavour n wat colour cup. i told him coke n purple cup! he said ok n walked out to go gek poh. i was smiling all the time.
    after he came back, at ard 10+ he asked if i wanted to eat salaree cake.(i dun really noe how to spell it.) i din really wan to eat it. but then i tot again. tim is asking me! its a rare occurance! lol. so i went to eat it. well, to b honest, years ago when i bought it n ate myself, it din taste as good as when i ate it when i was young, so i din expect it to taste good.

    to my surprise, it tasted sweet and nice! jus like when i was young! it was at tt moment tt it struck me y it tasted so good.

    i was eating it with my brothers.

    the cake nv tasted so good b4....... call me lame or wat. but i felt the brotherhood within us at tt moment. i smiled happily after eating the cake.

    my little bro has grown up.

    no more little "prepare the pig" power ranger tim. he has grown up. im so happy. haha......

    1:39 AM

    Thursday, September 17, 2009
    sick boy with mask. -.-

    yo yo!! its thu! y m i blogging? cos tml is fri n im on leave!! haa... nothing to do lor.. haha... y m i on leave some of u might b asking. cos sim finally called me on tues, asking me to go for interview on fri! haha.... i hope i get accepted for the course. i really wanna start studying n get my degree asap!!! earn more $$ n marry baby!! hahaa.....

    well, its thu. a normal working day. but!!! I MAKE IT DIFFERENT! lol...... with some photos from workplace once again!! haha.... i was sick since tue. n v v sick tis morning. lynette saw me tis morning. i told her i was sick n she str8 away stood 1 step away from me asif im a ghost. lol wth.... big reaction. lol. whitney n khai came along after awhile. they call me take mc. but im alr here. no point lol.... they called me to wear a mask. so i wun spread the germs to them. lol..... i did as suggested..... i wore the mask 80% of the time. i only took it off when i eat n drink n lunchtime. cos i eat n drink lol.....

    Mask boy!!!!
    well, there was tis lady who came in with a box right b4 lunch. the 3 of us stared at her. she took the containers out of the box. I WAS DELIGHTED!!! LOL. u noe y?

    This is y....

    SNACKS FOR US!!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGG SO MANY GOODIES!!!! i tink i'll grow fat working pretty soon.... lol....

    we set up the auditorium today..... with all notebooks, lan cabling, power for the notebooks and locked them up secured..... after switching off the lights, then i noticed something quite cool n nice....

    here is it!!!
    the lights of the mouse so nice!!! lol..... it has some red in it but it wasnt v outstanding.... it would b nice if u were there to c it for urself... haha...

    went to meet up with alan after work today. i wanted to go home str8 away but kenniy called me n told me dad asked if i wanted to join them for dinner. i said ok. time to meet was 620pm. i looked at the clock on the bus. 518pm. OMG. LOL.. jia lat...

    i called alan n then met up with him to spend some time away b4 meeting up with my family for dinner... haha... cl came soon after... we chatted for awhile b4 mum arrived. we walked ard for quite awhile b4 we decided in having pizza hut for dinner.... alan n cl paiseh dun wan join us so they slipped away n haf their own dinner... haha.... ate quite little today as my appetite wasnt v good today.....

    well... nothing much after tt.. jus tv, facebook n blogging now!!! hehe..... cya guys soon!!! haha....

    10:08 PM

    Tuesday, September 15, 2009

    Its a tues morning, the weather is cool, mr tay over jus woke up, to notice mum was sitting on the sofa. i tio chua awhile, then i asked her wat u doin here.. i proceeded to do my washing up. after tt she told me tim's having a fever. omgz. poor tim. left for work after getting ready...

    mr shermz here arrived at the office, n he is alr bz getting ready for the day ahead. well tt might not seem like me but it was me today! i'm like a hardworking peon now!!!! lol.... well i had to deploy 1 person today, but i found it quite stress still! i deployed 1 notebook ytd. tt was freaking stress! cos the end user was a manager, n its my 1st time deploying computers to them!! omg... i perspired quite alot... not only becos i was wearing a jacket, but oso becos i was v v v nervous.

    today the deployment went quite smoothly, with some hiccups on the way but i managed to either get help, or solve it myself. however i missed out on the lan cable when i left the user's desk! omgz.. i missed it cos she asked if i could move the notebook to her right side, cos she's a right hander. i moved it for her, but becos she was gonna haf a meeting, she left b4 i was done moving it. i din haf the time to call her to try n therefore i din notice my mistake. point to remember yea? nid to do a better job nxt time sherman!! haha...
    oh ya! UNISIM called me today! weeee i'll b up for an interview on friday! hehe..... finally i'll b getting into sch. i'll nid to work hard!!! hohoho....

    the rest of the desktops arrived today. i carried then n placed them nicely. tgt with my supervisors n the guys who brought the desktops here. 55 of them! omgz.. wasnt really v xiong cos we placed it near the door. haha.. well planned.

    we unboxed most of them b4 we went off today. n tis is wat the styrofoam like substance which is used to protect the desktops.

    not bad eh? i took the pic from below to make it feel high. its actually quite high lol.... went home. went to da bao food, then reached home. tired yet happy. haha.. cos the day of work is over XD.
    expected to c n show my little bro some concern when he come home with my parents but yet i dun c him. haha.... sad. my little bro went out alr. despite him feeling sick. pai kia. lol. well, c im such a good brother. hahahahahaha..... after dinner, mum gave me a thumbdrive. omgz. so cute!!!
    YES ITS SHAPED AFTER A MOONCAKE! haha... so cute sia.... its a 2gb thumbdrive btw... haha... hmm.. addicted to listening to songs again.. haha... so many nice songs i've always wanted to listen. dled some ytd n listening to them now... haha.. i'll put some of them on my mixpod later after tis. haha...
    cya all nxt time!! hehe..

    8:01 PM

    Sunday, September 13, 2009
    thu fri + sat.....

    thu was a bz day at work... after work, i went to meet alan for dinner.... we were tinking which place to haf our dinner.... soon after.. we decided on long john.... alan ate quite fast.... he finished v fast.. i tink i prob talked too much, so i started to eat faster... there it was... the last piece of fish.... i had no idea y, but i decided to flip it over...

    OMG!!! THERE'S A FLY!!!

    i tried to swipe it with my fork... it din move.. n we were tinking.. wtf? tis housfly so zai not scared of fork!!!! i took a closer look.. HOLY FK..... IT WAS FRIED WITH MY FISH!!!! zzzzz i walked out of long john cursing n swearing...

    tis pic was taken from alan's blog.. his camera more power.. can c the WHOLE FLY CLEARLY...

    went bakerzin to eat cake after tt... talked alot of crap.... drank a horrible drink which i dun like.. zzzz...

    nxt day.. the guy attached to our room is on off, so we were like ppl with no govt... lol... we blasted our music n did our work... lol... i was so bored after lunchtime, i took a couple of photos.. lol..

    my working table!!!!

    whos there? lol...

    after work, i went home str8.... tired n stuff.. haha.... opened my window, i saw this outside..

    lol wth? starhub promotion card!! LOL.... new way of promoting? i guess not... mus b the strong wind during the day blew this card from somewhere to my window ledge... lol.... i was so tired i took a nap after bathing... it was like 5+ only!! lol... i napped till almost 7 when baby lijun came over... lol....

    today oso damm tired.. baby working.. i woke up at 2+ then after brunch i jus laid on my bed... n fell asleep... lol.... so freaking tired... dunno y sia... woke up n played abit little king's story then went for dinner.. mum cooked... hehe... played somemore little king's story after tt.... then played abit dota b4 wo cai.. met james in game... LOL... so qiao!!! haha... well tts about it.. 2nd gal of wo cai come out le.. today de abit disappointing.. >.<>

    cya all!! haha..... wait for my nxt update!! haha...

    12:10 AM

    Wednesday, September 9, 2009

    today is 09 09 09!!!! it is also the 30th month together with baby!!! wahahahahaha.... wat a nice day...
    i had a slow day at work... everything seems weird... i tried to image 2 cpu tgt at 1 time... BUT FAILED!!! some connection prob.... i kept trying n trying several times then i managed to image the cpu properly.. zzzz damm sian.. it wasted alot of time... -.-

    after those were done, i met the same problem again after lunch... omgz man i swore i wanted to die.. -.-
    well... i had kokokrunch with milo for lunch today... wahahahaha... so nice!!! hehe.... i brought wang wang to work today too! ate some n shared the rest with the gals... there were some left... tml then bring back to work again.. haha....
    khai n i made a pillow each.. with the materials found in the boxes.. it was fun looks nice actually!! haha... it feels quite comfortable too!!!! hehe... here is how it looks like...
    when it is clean.....
    after some basic designs by myself...

    i also drew my name and a paw print beside my name... but u mus flip the cover a little to b able to c it.. its to prove tt tis is my pillow!!! hahahaha...
    i'll probably b adding somemore designs tml... i hope it'll turn out nice... hehe.....
    we had arranged our stuff to enable us to image the cpu... my side was abit squeezy due to another person sitting tgt with me at the same table... he's like our teacher..hhaa... so i decided to take a picture of thomas's side of imaging.... its jus like a hacker working on 3 coms!!!! so cool!!!!

    i then went to meet baby lijun for dinner.... i walked ard jp for 1+ hr cos i reached jp at 515pm.. lol omgz.. so early.. she could only reach at 645pm!!! so i went to buy a chocolate waffle and eat.... followed by walking n walking n walking.... i walked pass the pet shop, and decided to take a look at the pets.... it was then i noticed tis doggie lying on the floor in the shop!!! its sooooooooo cute!! its kinda fat but sooooooooo adorable!!! lots of ppl went to sayang it.. i wanted to but alot ppl kept goin towards it to sayang it.. haha.. well, i decided to take a photo of it instead... i only had ard 5secs to take a photo becos its so popular!!! haha.... moments after i took the photo, this shopkeeper walked in. the doggie str8 away followed her n walked away!!! haa... heng i was fast.. hehe...

    there! the doggie!! so cuteeeeeeeeeeee

    baby arrived soon after... we went to eat new york new york... hohoho.. i ordered some sausage wrapped in bacon... then grilled... hohoho.. so nice!!!! baby ordered a fish n chips... we had a nice meal... n then gai gai ard jp.... sent baby home n went home myself... on the way home.. i felt sooooo tired.. so i walked v v v v slowly.... jus as i was about to reach my block lift, i heard someone call out my name... it was whitney!! lol... so qiao... haha.. we took the lift tgt... she told me... aiyo look at ur stomach... slim down la.. then we reached her floor.. she went home.....

    omg.... i tink i seriously nid to slim down.... lolx.... i should start dieting soon!!!! hohoho....

    last but not least... HAPPY 30 MONTHS BABY!!! LOVE U!!! haha..... MUACKS! ^^

    9:17 PM