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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Sunday, July 20, 2008
    hellboy II

    went for a movie ytd.. hellboy II.. not bad a movie i can say... story was okok... but lacking of fighting scenes.. >.<

    the ps3 is pretty powerful... as said by the man in the video many many times... lol... simi blue ray ar simi sai.. i dun really care wat the heck is it.. i jus wanna play the games tt is suitable on tt particular console.. XD there's a game called 'resistance 2'... something like counterstrike.. but... u're fighting against monsters.... sound familiar eh? sounds like another halo or simi right? but no... it seems alot better.. seems la... i dunno about the gameplay yet.. but it sure seems nice.. hoho.. then another game caught my attention.. the arrrr little big planet...looks very very cute!! hoho... absolutely loved it... haha....

    recently the psp games r getting more n more boring.... have no idea y but it is starting to seem tt way... zzz y arh.. roarr... hmmm need to find more games to play then.... hehe... now my baby went out to buy food then i can blog.. roarr... she's been hogging onto the computer for quite a long time already since i haf been sleeping... XD oh ya.... baby wanted to buy some things ytd... hmmm.... if only i could afford all of them.... >.<>

    SONY PLS INCREASE THE NUMBER OF GAMES FOR PSP!!!! im getting bored of it!!! roarrr....

    8:38 PM