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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Friday, July 25, 2008
    what a week...

    OK WAT THE HECK.... i spent 10mins of my life n i accidentally pressed a button n i lost my blog post jus now.... tt jus added to wat the title of my blog post means... zzzz... i'll try to remember wat i typed jus now n replicate it ba... zzzz

    had a hectic week tis week... gonna have a COC coming week after next... for those not in army... COC means change of command... we had to prepare our vehicles for the COC... tt includes spraying our vehicle with new paint, and kiwing the tracks of our vehicles... respray our vehicle's OVM.. ovm means... errr... nvm tt.. lolx... we did the spraying n stuff for like 2 weeks.. xiong lea... well, there's another point on y my week is so xiong.. but then... this blog is online, and if someone else sees this... the situation will get real sticky... so i'll skip tt point... wahahha... hmmm... enuf of camp stuff... lets go to my life... OUTSIDE.... hohoho...

    went to meet baby after bookout... on the way to lucky plaza... i suddenly realised i haf lost touch with the society... lol... in wat sense? some of u might ask.. the fashion sense of the guys and gals nowadays... hmm.. somewat different already... fashion's always changing... yea... its been a very long time since i last visited orchard... haha... i guess i really nid to go out more often.... catch up with my outside life.... not to say catch up with my baby... and take a little teeny weeny peep at the gals outside of camp... hoho.... went to eat at some indo restaurant mr king byron introed to me.... the food there is not bad.... and at a reasonable price.. other than the fact tt i kena scammed by the chilli.. lol... thanks mr byron!!! XD i'll try the happy soda next time!!!

    tot about the promise i made about the amazing race pics.... haha... im seriously very lazy to blog about it... but since i saw someone blogging about it... i will therefore direct all interested personnel to read up MR VEGE BOY'S BLOG for the amazing race pictures!!! hahaha... mr tan u should thank me for broadcasting ur blog.... hahaha

    hmmmmmmmm.... there's something tt has been bothering me for quite awhile.... i couldnt bring myself to tell baby too... i had a dream the other night... a bad dream... it make me feel guilty towards baby... NOTE!!! BAD DREAM!! not WET DREAM arh!!! only king byron n jacob noes wat isit about... hmmm... anyways... its jus a dream right? but i still feel guilty... zzZZzz -.-
    PS: baby pls dun ask me about the dream... im sure u will bite me for it.. =.=

    now now.... last but not least.. i dedicate this post to my one and only dad!!! although its kinda late lo... n he wun b able to c it...... but still................

    im not very good with words face to face... hehe so tis is the best way i can tink of.... like u always say.. its the thought tt count right dad? hehe... I MUS REMEMBER UR BDAY NXT YEAR!!!! ROARRR!!!!!!!!!!

    i tink i missed out a couple of points from the previous very long post i typed b4 i accidentally deleted it.... zzZZzz but i guess tts about all i remembered till now...
    okok... i would lastly like to thank every single person who read every single word of this very long post of mine... hohoho.... i thank you, you, You, yOu, yoU, YOu, YoU,yOU and YOU!!!!! hahahaha.. n perhaps i might even sing a song for u? XD hehe....

    TTS ALL FOLKS.... ^^

    11:52 PM