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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Friday, August 29, 2008

    hmmm... jus finished watching d.gray man on central n sent baby home on a taxi... hehe.. well.. tts for wat jus happened.... well... this is wat happened today...

    woke up at ard 10+ when baby smsed me... then dy oso called me... then i fully awake le... then went to look for games to dl... cos abit sian liaoz.. lol... dled king of fighters and castlevania... hehe... tried them out after downloading... weeeee can play.. haha... after tt heard from elmer tt the rest had booked out... 1245 liddat nia.. oh me god hao ming arh.. lolx half day off... nb lolx... byron then told me they goin to comex later... so i decided to join them... went to meet them at ard 330 at bugis.. haha.. met them.. walked ard... c gals.. c things... byron bought 2 shirts from top shop...

    went to look for slippers at bugis street but found none... lolx... went to comex nxt.. met jia xing and poh there... followed by meeting jacob, yang hong and gabriel... when i was there.. i saw a familiar face there... then took a 2nd look... eee? it was shyan the wabbit.. lolx... went to talk to her awhile then left to join the rest... vege bought a 320gb external hard disk... jia xing n poh still continued to shop whereas the rest din buy anything... haha... waited for baby outside the exhibition hall... when she came.. we went to upgrade her singnet plan... then after tt went to marina square to eat thai express... hehe.. so long nv eat le. hoho... after eating.. baby tired le. so we went to take bus home.. hehe... had a so called full day outside today.. nv spent so much time outside for so long. haha...

    well... tt leaves me with a last thing to blog about... haf u guys ever heard strange sounds b4? haf u guys ever felt tt someone or something is looking at u? well... when me n byron were doin our guard duty... we took a rest at a certain place in our camp where it was quite dark... we both felt tt someone was looking at us... byron kept looking behind us... i kept hearing bell ringing sounds... like those dogs de bell... sounded very near us.. i heard it quite a few times... whereas byron nv heard it.... i nv tell him.. till we went back to the guard room... it was soo creepy come to tink of it... we'll jus leave all of u army dudes to tink of the place... XD some creepy stuff in camp eh? wahahaha...

    cya folks soon... haha

    11:46 PM