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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Sunday, August 31, 2008
    Night Safari!!!!

    well.. the title for this post says it all... i went to night safari last night. hoho... okok b4 all the night safari adventures... i watched wall e at vivo city.... it was a company event by my dad's company... sat in the atmost front..... oh me god... the screen was soooooooooooooo big... i had to turn my head a little to look at every single part of the screen.... kinda lousy seats but well.. at least the movie's free for me n my baby... cos daddy paid for it... XD.. at a certain part.. dad n mum fell asleep... hahahaha.... ok after the movie... dad fetched us to mandai zoo... hehe... if he didnt, we probably wouldnt wanna go for the night safari... XD well.. we had KFC b4 goin to night safari.. tis is a pic of the singapore zoo b4 night fall....

    KFC actually was gonna close!!!! they werent frying anymore chickens cos they were closing.. haha.. after KFC... it was time for night safari!!!!!

    we went in... had a great time looking at the night animals.... well... some of them were cute n small, whereas there were oso big n dangerous ones... ROARR.... i took quite a number of pictures of the animals... but they were too dark.. i nid some time to brighten up the pictures.... mayb i'll show u guys next week... well... no pictures of animals... but got pictures of baby n me.. goofing ard the night safari... XD

    Baby n the duckie!!!!

    Hello I'm moo moo

    On the tram... waiting to embark on our adventure!!!

    AHHH THE MONKEY GOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!

    I GOT U NOW FISHY!!!!!

    hehe.... i'll reserve the rest of the pictures tgt with the animals nxt week ba... hehe... stay tuned for NIGHT SAFARI PII!!!!!!! lolx...

    after the night safari.. we went home... haha.. nutin further for the night... when i reached home.. it was already 12+... haha... wat a day... XD

    6:58 PM