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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Sunday, August 3, 2008
    wo de baby

    jus ended my call with baby... she was crying...... YES she IS... my heart jus broke... wo zui ai de baby was crying.... wat the hell happened? its her mum again... yes... her mum... she always told me things bout her mum... but i always tell her.. no matter wat... she's ur mum... but these coming weeks... her mum was getting from bad to worse.... baby told her to keep some $$ for her school fees... right after her mum tio 4D or something... but in the end... she didnt keep it for her... 650 bucks... baby haf to fork it out all by herself for her school fees... there's no way she could do it.. she can barely feed herself with the current amount of pay she got from working.... she always complain about her mum... i told her again... she's ur mum wat... but now... lets forget it... will UR mum ever not pay for ur school fees? will UR mum ever throw u to fend for urself when u r 18 yrs old for ur school fees? well, her mum did... she threw baby into a pile of debt by asking her to borrow $$ from the bank... whereas she threw all the money onto her son... u might tink... sons.... better... watever shit... let me get this straight... if u cant raise 1 child financially, dun raise 2... either 1 will suffer ALOT.....

    I hate to say tis but whenever her mum calls me 男性朋友, i feel fugged up... I REALLY DO.... y isit u cant accept me as ur daughter's boyfriend? m i really TT useless in ur eyes? do U even noe me? well, in the current society... if u wan ur daughter to find a boyfriend with car, stay in a big house, rich n stuff..... at the age of 20.... U'RE DREAMING.... unless ur daughter manage to hook up with some spoilt brat of a rich family lor..... U CAN CONTINUE DREAMING.... spoilt brat will nv b ur daughter's taste.... i dun really care about anything now... i jus wan baby n my happy family n friends.... my baby's case is getting from bad to worse... i jus hope tt i will get support from my family n friends if one day something is gonna happen to baby like she leaves her house or wat... cos i really tink its gonna happen real soon... my baby has no stand in the house... no say in the house... n perhaps... she is invisible in the house.... as though she nv existed....

    to baby.. u always worry tt i will go for other gals when i ord... n go to study... i promise u... i will not... i will love only u... i WILL marry u... its jus a matter of time... money is an issue.. i wanna really use my own $$ to marry u... set up our own family.. if possible... using only my own money from my acc.... i hope u will understand where my concerns come from.... really baby.. trust me.... i will nv ever leave u... i love u... i will stand by u no matter wat happens....

    some things r meant to b left a secret.... well for tis issue... i rather more ppl noe bout it n take a stand on watever is right to them.... there r so many things my baby's mum has done tt i cannot n will nv forgive... its jus not right.... i jus hope tt everything will come to a happy ending... baby marry me... prob no more contact with her mum.... the only good thing is prob tt she gave birth to my baby... n how she treated her till until her bro is born... tt is prob the only things i can thank her for....

    2:03 AM