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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Sunday, October 5, 2008

    haha... its been a v v v v v v long time since i last blogged.... my baby has been complaining bout me not blogging... haha... ok... let me update u guys who r reading my blog bout wat has happened so far...

    was bz with our CO COC until the day he left.... nice man... nice warm smile.... well enuf about army though... haha....

    back into crazy mapling mode.... cos elmer n jacob n his gf plays maple... therefore i went back to maple to play... haha.... quite fun i can say... lots of irritating kids disappeared... but then... some of them r coming back... overall.. still quite ok i can say.... we'll c how after oct ba.... since oct is exam period... so mayb lesser ppl... well... tried to play PI story... as introduced by my baby... however... v v v v v difficult to lvl up... n the server is not stable at all.. therefore... managed to persuade her not to play PI story... but maplestory instead... now my baby is a mapler too!! haha... she start from lvl 1 though... she doesnt want to take over anyone's char because she rather put her heart n soul into her OWN char... well.... hao you gu qi arh... bone air... lolx....

    hmmm... my bday is coming soon... chalet booked... invited personels invited.... 90% of them r informed though... lol... still some haven inform... >.<>

    will update my blog again when my bday is over ba.. upload some pics here n there ba... stay tuned guys... ^^

    11:50 PM