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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Saturday, October 18, 2008
    WAT A WEEK!!!!

    hmmm.... kinda moody... this week is hell... when i was doin guard duty with jake... i commented tt tis week felt like it was nv gonna end.... zzZZzz it felt like 2 weeks when i was in fact only in camp for 4 days..... -.- wth.... tis week is terrible... all i can say is..... TERRIBLE... HORRIBLE.... HORRIGIBLE...... well... the details... even if i tell u guys... u wun understand... but of cos.. my platoon mates will noe... anw... im so moody.. i dun even feel like tinking... haiz... i can only say... horrible commanders... -.-

    with these horrigible things aside... i miss my baby so much...... tis week has been super hectic... me not being able to meet up with baby until later.... hmmm... sometimes i jus miss my poly days.... no nid tink so much.. no nid worry bout other stuff... hehe.... schooling days r so fun.... but of cos... army daze let me make new frens n a couple of very good ones even!!! hmm.... life's not always sad if i look at it tis way!!! haha.... in jus trying to lose the anger in me.... hoho.... time to run..... soooo tired after guard duty... finished watching anime already... gonna sleep for now ba.... XD sayonara guys... haha...

    11:09 AM