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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
Jobs for me anyone? >.<
Chubby-Looking Guy
22 LO!!!!! OLD LIAO LO!!!! *sniff sniff*
Absolutely In Love With My One and Only Baby!!

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  • Wednesday, November 19, 2008
    Its sleek. Its shiny. Its vaio

    hehe... my dad bought me a new lappy!! so happy. so excited.. hehe... its so nice.... so good.. the specifications of the lappy is superb!!! omg im so happy... hehe... anw.. he bought it for me 2 days ago le... but im so engrossed in mapling with tis lappy and making backup disks for tis lappy tt i now then blog... hoho... 1stly, i'll let u guys catch a glimpse of my new lappy!! VGN-CS16G!!!!!

    in the box!!!

    Its ALIVE!!!!!!!!!
    hehe.. so so so happy.... love u dad.. XD

    hmmm ok enuf bout my lappy. some of u might b asking.. wth m i doin out of camp? yes... i'll tell u....
    went back to camp last night... spent a night in camp.... then.. in the morning. they told us.. to do something. well.. i dun tink its wise to say tt here... haha.. anw... we were called to book back in becos of tt... n then we can go off...
    clear half day off.... wtf..... sian half... half day usually dun nid write de... haiz... someone gei gao.. bo bian lor.... sobs... my life's gonna b sad.... well.. time to enjoy with my little lappy! cya guys!! haha....

    1:47 PM