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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Thursday, December 4, 2008

    hehe.. its baby's bday!!! muacks muacks muacks baby!!! haha... it was 2nd of dec, 1130pm. i left my house n took a long walk to baby's house with the cake. i then remembered... omg nv bring fork to eat the cake after cutting!!! i went to mac.. 24hrs mac at pioneer mall.. hehe... bought a cup of small coke.. n got 2 forks from the char bor.. i then walked briskly to baby's house.. as it was already 1145pm.. if dun walk faster then cannot make it in time le!! haha

    reached there at ard 1155. wanted to light up the candle n stand downstairs to call baby. but then.... there were some ppl walking ard at tt time.. therefore i took the lift up to baby's house there... i took out the cake.. gonna put the candles... it was 1159. then..... my phone rang.. it was baby! i answered... then she asked me... where m i. y so quiet... i said... outside ur house lor.. open the door.. lolx... baby din looked suprised... kinda sad but then she was happy. haha....

    she was too fast!! if i lighted the candle b4 she called... everything would b better... haha... we then went into baby's room n lighted the candles.. hehe.... i'll then let the pictures do the talking...

    well... the cake is still there... cannot finish... XD
    hehe baby arh... let me b the 1st n the last to wish u HAPPY BDAY!!!! muacks.....
    oh!oh!oh! n 1 last thing!!!! roger's son is born today!! same bday as my baby!!! hehe... now 2 dec babies on the same day... haha... CONGRATS MY DEAR COUSIN!!!! hehe.....

    12:35 AM