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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Wednesday, December 10, 2008
    A Hero is Born [x'mas season]

    lol.... this post is dedicated.... to my maple char!!! haha.. he is now a hero... lolx... okok tt aside... christmas is coming!!! wow... its the season of giving!! but for me is taking.. wahahaha.... i cant wait for the bbq tts coming up soon... hehe... its gonna b a blast!!! lolx... anw... i can hear the jingle bells... HOHOHO... actually so far there's nutin much to blog about.. only tt i did guard duty on hari raya haji, n i had a great dinner the other day with my baby... at BENTEN!!!! yes its really called BENTEN!!! mr dy guo!!! its BENTEN!!! but then again... i dun really tink mr dy guo so free read my blog... lolx... anw heres the benten cafe pic to show tt im not lying.. lolx

    haha... the food there is nice n not really expensive! its a great place to dine with ur family n frens... of cos ur other halves as well.... i had tis karage curry.... the curry is slightly spicy... jus the way i like it.. its real good... baby had some noodle... forgot wat is it.. lolx... my curry rice was priced at 10.80 while baby's noodles was 9.80 if i remember.... we called a pork chop as a side dish as well... including the service charge n gst... it wasnt even 40 bucks!!!!! i really liked the food.. i'll go there again soon... hehe....

    anw... enuf for food.... everyone, christmas is coming... its a season of giving.... u all noe wat to do eh? =x im in charge of taking... for everyone's convinience.... hahha... tts all folks... cya guys again with my nxt update... some day.. lolx

    12:12 PM