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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
Jobs for me anyone? >.<
Chubby-Looking Guy
22 LO!!!!! OLD LIAO LO!!!! *sniff sniff*
Absolutely In Love With My One and Only Baby!!

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  • Tuesday, February 10, 2009
    ahhh abit late.. =x

    HAPPY 23MONTHS BABY!!! hehe... although pass 12am le... but still mus take it as its today... muahahahaha... jus now had dinner at baby's house then came back home to eat mummy's tang yuan n play dota with alan they all... o.o xiong lea.... nowadays got quite alot new stuff.... i still din get all of them... >.< nid play more =x

    it suddenly dawned upon me tt.... i wasted half a day sleeping today!! lolx.. i woke up ard 1130... went to eat bkfast bought by mummy.... after she seen a doc.. she is sick today... so nv go work... kelian de mummy.. then after tt... i went to try the L4D tt i dled... KNS CANNOT WORK!!! i emo sia.... then tim tried to dl the .exe file for me.... but still not working... haiz... sibei dulan.. so i tried to sleep again!!! WEEeeeeEEEeee i slept at ard 1+ till 430... then alarm rang... i fell back to sleep again!! wahahaha... till 5... then go bathe then got a call from baby.. said she can leave only at 6.30 -.- sian diao... so i played dota... 1 round then left my house.... well.... I WASTED MY HALF A DAY SLEEPING!!! haha....

    ok... back to main thing.... 23months tgt with baby le.... happy times we had.... happier times we'll have.... u started working... we wun haf so much time to meet each other more liaoz... but u'll always b on my mind 24/7... well ok... truth is not 24/7 but close..... XD seriously... when sleeping of cos not tinking of u la... brain doesnt work 24/7 too eh?

    i love u baby...

    in the past....

    in the present....

    my love goes on....

    n on....

    n on.....

    i'll hold ur hand....

    n walk the rest of the path with u...

    till the very end...


    muacks muacks my baby....

    2:19 AM