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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
Jobs for me anyone? >.<
Chubby-Looking Guy
22 LO!!!!! OLD LIAO LO!!!! *sniff sniff*
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  • Tuesday, February 10, 2009
    Zombie spree!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WAHAHAHHA...... i finally can play left 4 dead lo!!! so happy... haha...

    hmm.... but then the game damm xiong -.- i not really used to it yet... it has detailed surroundings.... scary sounds.... eerie music.... >.<>

    there r 4 main bosses in left 4 dead.... however there is oso 1 imba zombie which freaks me out.... its real scary i tell u!!!

    there's this fatty zombie called boomer....

    a spiderman like zombie called hunter....

    there's a zombie with a long tongue called smoker.....

    a FANTASTIC 4 the thing zombie called tank....

    n the last one... they said is 4 bosses but then got 5... dunno y -.-

    its called...


    im freaking afraid of it... it sobs like a little gal... ITS FUGGING SCARY I TELL U!!!!

    i haven completed alot yet cos i went to try online mode... n played some dota... haha.... manz... wat a nice way to spend my off yea? hehe... XD

    well... heres another point for u guys out there... let ur gf play n luff at her =x unless ur gfs pro at cs... hahaha.... i let my gf play then v funny.... wahahhaha.... =x

    well... time to shoot some zombies!!!! btw im booking in tonight... sobs... sucky.. =p
    take care all!!! thx for reading my blog... i will reward u handsomely... ^^

    6:58 PM