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12th October 1987
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  • Wednesday, April 8, 2009

    hmmm.... its been like almost 1month since i last updated... wahahahaha.... my blog died... lolx.... well... im here to revive u!!! XD with a topic i find so ever interesting.... DreamS.... b4 i actually start on it... i'll jus update u guys out there about wat has happened... XD i've been dotaing quite frequently n im not really winning tt much.. lolx... talking about a loser... XD i've oso recently involved in some fatigue work which needs me to go outfield everyday for continously 4 days... omg... i had a pimple outbreak n a taste of the mosquito buffet.... lol... well... army life still soso lo... lol... nutin much to say.. XD...
    ok.. here is it...


    have u ever wondered y u haf dreams on some nights n not the others? have u ever wondered y ur dreams turn out the way it is? have u ever wondered y u r having a nightmare n not some sweet dreams? have u ever wondered y some ppl claim tt they haf had dreams tt can so called tell u the future? have u ever thought y sometimes U can change the way the dream goes? have u ever remembered ur dreams? have u had a dreams so true when u woke up having pain somewhere on ur body when u were injured in ur dream?

    well... those were some of the questions i suddenly had tis morning... cos i had 2 dreams last night... 1 was broken by a phone call to my house... n the other was broken by dad waking me up.... well.. in fact... i remembered like 80% of the dreams.... sometimes... i wake up not able to remember ANYTHING of my dreams... whereas sometimes i could remember it all... y isit so weird? some of u might say its crap n stuff but i can tell u... i CAN control the way the dreams turn out sometimes... if i want to... however... i noticed something.. i WILL b extremely tired when i wake up after controlling how my dreams turn out... it has happened alot of times b4... i talked to my gf about it b4 too... she too can control her dreams... O.O sounds foreign to u? try it urself the next time u're dreaming...

    there r oso another kind of dreams called the premonition dreams... i've had those a few times too!!! i had tis dream so real... but when i woke up... i cleanly forgot about it!! but then again... how did i noe i dreamt about it? simple... IT HAPPENED.... when it happened... i will feel tt i did or hear or said this thing b4... at tis particular time... doing tis particular thing.... weird eh? the most recent dream coming to reality was when soul eater's 2nd OP was released.... PaperMoon by tommy heavenly.... when i heard it.... i SWEAR i heard it b4 somewhere already!!!

    I also once had a dream... when i was crying in my dream... n when i woke up, my eyes were full of tears... i had another dream when i was caught in a fight... i was slashed in the leg n it hurt quite badly n when i woke up, i could feel the pain at the exact some spot as though i had been hurt!!!!

    Coincidence!! u might say.... but trust me... it has happened more than 1 time to me.... i dunno how many of u r actually reading tis post but i thank every single one of U if U had read till tis far.... tink about it... Dreams.... so mysterious.... so powerful.....

    1:40 PM