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12th October 1987
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  • Monday, May 4, 2009
    Dark side of full metal alchemist...

    i jus finished watching episode 4 of full metal alchemist.... many said its a very dark anime.... i din tot so at 1st.. cos the 1st 3 episodes seemed still ok... even after ed an al created a creature which was not human at all.. n ed losing 2 of his limbs.... well i tot tt was bad enuf... lolx..

    anw.. i only watched a few episodes of the previous making of the full metal alchemist... i found it like a normal fighting anime series.... but now... after watching the 4th episode of the remake of full metal... i found sorrow within the anime... so much sorrow... helplessness... and cruelty...

    take episode 4 for example... a dad was made a state alchemist due to his ability to create a talking chimera.... then the deadline was soon to show his research results again.. 2 yrs later.... if he fail.. he cant b called a state alchemist again... due to his helplessness at tis particular time... he did something absolutely cruel n heartless....

    he transmuted his daughter n her daughter's dog into a chimera... when i saw tt scene of ed looking at the chimera n the chimera spoke... my heart broke..... i jus had tis overwhelming sadness inside of me... i nv imagined tt tis could happen.... it was a very shocking twist to me.... i was even close to tears.... omg man.... call me emo or watsoever... but i felt it.. the sadness... the cruelty of the state alchemist....

    if i was edward... i would haf killed him at the spot.... how can a father of a child do anything like tt? it was like killing ur own child! well... some of u may tink aiyo its jus an anime n stuff.... but haf u ever wondered.... in other terms.... parents murdering their own children.... those murderers who murdered their whole family.... isnt tis the same? in some context... this anime showed the truth of the human race... the cruelty n heartlessness of the human race.....

    im so so overwhelmed right now.... tt anime is so so dark.... i wonder wat lies ahead in the anime...

    1:27 AM