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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
Jobs for me anyone? >.<
Chubby-Looking Guy
22 LO!!!!! OLD LIAO LO!!!! *sniff sniff*
Absolutely In Love With My One and Only Baby!!

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  • Wednesday, July 1, 2009
    sick sick...

    yawnz... jus woke up not long.... went to brush my teeth.. then went back to my room, baby called me liao... o.o 11+ lol... baby said she wanna go watch transformers later... i agreed at 1st.. bu then after i put down the phone... i remembered... wa jus now 9+ i felt damm terrible.... sickly... nose block but yet it felt cold... like got ice in the nose.... can breate but yet the other hole is blocked... sore throat but yet not pain.... omg man... i felt like dying jus now...

    oh well... i feeling better now... but i scared if it strikes again i might jus lie there n nt move.. hahaha... i quite scared now.... scared if i tio h1n1 how? wat will happen to me? o.o

    the other day... i was sleeping but half awake.. i heard some water noises.. i tot ppl washing the floor.. then.. i heard a voice... "auntie? auntie ah? can close ur window?" i stood up. looked at the bangala hanging outside my window on the machine... diaoed him n close the window.... NB NV C ME DUN EVER CALL ME AUNTIE... then ytd.... JUS YTD.... bangala singing when paintin the building... i woke up... closed the windows again... -.- he jus pisses me off.. lol.... no offence though but i jus found it annoying... lolx....

    got 1 job lobang ytd.... but i decided not to go for it.. cos i felt i wasnt very interested in it... yawnz.... anw... i only play dragonica n dota these few days.. i like zai nan liddat... haha.. oh well.. i guess its time to dota.. since dragonica is under maintanance.. haha.... i'll update u guys again another time... ^^ cya...

    11:57 AM