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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
Jobs for me anyone? >.<
Chubby-Looking Guy
22 LO!!!!! OLD LIAO LO!!!! *sniff sniff*
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  • Saturday, August 29, 2009
    1st week of work was fine... till......

    u all might think wat happened at my work place... my boss bully me? i spoilt something?


    wanna noe wat happened? here it is...

    Me : tinking* woohoo pang gang lo....*

    *boards the company transport*

    *sits beside someone*

    *chats with the gals for awhile*


    auntie : can u pls sit properly?

    *adjusts my sitting position*

    auntie : dun mind i wanna sit alone

    *stood up, stared at her. *tsk* walks away*

    WTF? HELLO AUNTIE. U DUN FKING OWN THE BUS. i dun bloody care if u manager or whoever big shot in the company.... if u fking work till so high. go bloody drive a CAR. U CAN FOREVER SIT ALONE. nbz. i was so fking pissed off.... the whole company gave me a good impression the entire week... everyone gif me a warm smile even though they dunno me.... tis AUNTIE jus spoilt my entire day.... WTF!

    oh well... enuf of the auntie... i'll remember her.... GO DRIVE A BLOODY CAR LA!!!!

    u guys might b wondering wat i was doin this whole week... hmm... well.. nothing much la actually... only some carrying of stuff from 1 place to another..... arranging of stuff.... unboxing of stuff.... blablabla.... well... we had so many boxes we did not noe wat to do with it.... this is wat it became.....

    Version 1

    Version 2

    haha...... ROBOT GUARD HOR!!!! XD

    hmmm... here are some overdue pics tt have been in my hp for quite some time.....

    dinner time..... vege hair... toufu eyes.... fried chicken ears.... sausage mouth!!!!

    here's a water puddle tt looks like a dinosaur head!!! hehe... baby lijun says it looks like a polar bear... o.o u guys can tag and tell me wat it looks like!!! haha...

    i went to jp meet baby and haf dinner with my family today.... however... we wasted 1hr at jp waiting and changing places to eat... -.- i called baby lijun to book seats for us at ding tai fung.... we wanted to eat tt.... but then after we arrived... baby told us we had to wait ard 30min... so we wait lo... wait ah wait ah wait... then after like 20min... dad could not take it anymore... he went to ask the person how long more we had to wait.. he then decided not to wait anymore... we went to dian xiao er to wait for seats.... we waited for 20min.... then dad decided not to wait anymore..... i was like OMG? y liddat today? -.- dad then wanted to leave jp to go somewhere else to eat!! i was like stunned.... i decided to tell dad i wan buy things so baby n me left them to go eat at jp whereas they left for dinner at another place.....

    baby and me went to eat at lai lai niu rou mian..... we nv eat beef though... haha... i ordered minced pork meat kuey teow and baby ordered mian sian... we ordered several side orders too..... haha.... went shopping after dinner...

    baby bought a mouse and the computer game last remnant... i bought 2 t-shirts from spade..... nice printing tt attracted me.. haha... here they are....

    haha.... spent 50 bucks on both of them.... hehe... i guess i might wanna buy somemore nxt week.. hehe =x got a sudden urge to spend some money on clothes..... haha..... i nid to slim down to wear more variety of clothes... roarr..... i guess i'll nid to go jogging soon..... hahaha... =x MAYB ONLY AH.... hahaha... mayb lazy nxt week... =x
    well guys.... i guess its time to watch wo cai le... haha.... ren bu ke mao xiang showing soon!!! wahahaha... dunno got gals anot today... =x cya all... haha...

    11:38 PM