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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Monday, August 31, 2009

    haha... jus a short update of wat happened today..

    unboxed the lappies from their boxes.... installed the basic programmes into the lappy... other than tt... whole day jus listen music and lay the lan wiring for the room we gonna work in for 4months... haha.....

    had a very early lunch.. 1130 to b exact... at exactly 1130, thomas n me went to cafeteria to eat... haha.... its like damm early for the company.. cos not many ppl eat so early.. lol.... we had a quick lunch then went back to accompany our malay fren.. haha... poor thing.... so near to food but yet cannot eat.... fasting... haha.. =x

    after work.... boarded the transport.... we sat quite close to each other.... not much seats ard us.... then i noticed whitney sat abit further... after we alighted from the bus... whitney told us... THE SAME AUNTIE FROM LAST WEEK PUT HER BAG BESIDE HER!!! OMG HOW INCONSIDERATE!!! ZZZZZ
    whitney got angry too.. lol... she said.. we haf 6 ppl.... nxt time we rush up the bus... all sit alone... when she comes up.... all say wanna sit alone... LOL LOR!!! haha.. nice idea though XD

    tt auntie is now public enemy number 1!!! roarrrrrr we'll get back at u auntie!!! SOMEDAY!!! BEWARE!!!!!!

    went for dinner with dad and mum after work... fish n co.. hehe.. got some offer... new dory fish and chips... then oso had this bbq fried dory fish... and got this thai verison.. we tried all 3!! haha.. dad 1 me 1 mum 1... hohoho.... went home soon after dinner.... haha.....

    nothing much le ba.. lol... more updates about "Clash with the auntie" tml!!! hahahaha..

    8:48 PM