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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Wednesday, September 9, 2009

    today is 09 09 09!!!! it is also the 30th month together with baby!!! wahahahahaha.... wat a nice day...
    i had a slow day at work... everything seems weird... i tried to image 2 cpu tgt at 1 time... BUT FAILED!!! some connection prob.... i kept trying n trying several times then i managed to image the cpu properly.. zzzz damm sian.. it wasted alot of time... -.-

    after those were done, i met the same problem again after lunch... omgz man i swore i wanted to die.. -.-
    well... i had kokokrunch with milo for lunch today... wahahahaha... so nice!!! hehe.... i brought wang wang to work today too! ate some n shared the rest with the gals... there were some left... tml then bring back to work again.. haha....
    khai n i made a pillow each.. with the materials found in the boxes.. it was fun looks nice actually!! haha... it feels quite comfortable too!!!! hehe... here is how it looks like...
    when it is clean.....
    after some basic designs by myself...

    i also drew my name and a paw print beside my name... but u mus flip the cover a little to b able to c it.. its to prove tt tis is my pillow!!! hahahaha...
    i'll probably b adding somemore designs tml... i hope it'll turn out nice... hehe.....
    we had arranged our stuff to enable us to image the cpu... my side was abit squeezy due to another person sitting tgt with me at the same table... he's like our teacher..hhaa... so i decided to take a picture of thomas's side of imaging.... its jus like a hacker working on 3 coms!!!! so cool!!!!

    i then went to meet baby lijun for dinner.... i walked ard jp for 1+ hr cos i reached jp at 515pm.. lol omgz.. so early.. she could only reach at 645pm!!! so i went to buy a chocolate waffle and eat.... followed by walking n walking n walking.... i walked pass the pet shop, and decided to take a look at the pets.... it was then i noticed tis doggie lying on the floor in the shop!!! its sooooooooo cute!! its kinda fat but sooooooooo adorable!!! lots of ppl went to sayang it.. i wanted to but alot ppl kept goin towards it to sayang it.. haha.. well, i decided to take a photo of it instead... i only had ard 5secs to take a photo becos its so popular!!! haha.... moments after i took the photo, this shopkeeper walked in. the doggie str8 away followed her n walked away!!! haa... heng i was fast.. hehe...

    there! the doggie!! so cuteeeeeeeeeeee

    baby arrived soon after... we went to eat new york new york... hohoho.. i ordered some sausage wrapped in bacon... then grilled... hohoho.. so nice!!!! baby ordered a fish n chips... we had a nice meal... n then gai gai ard jp.... sent baby home n went home myself... on the way home.. i felt sooooo tired.. so i walked v v v v slowly.... jus as i was about to reach my block lift, i heard someone call out my name... it was whitney!! lol... so qiao... haha.. we took the lift tgt... she told me... aiyo look at ur stomach... slim down la.. then we reached her floor.. she went home.....

    omg.... i tink i seriously nid to slim down.... lolx.... i should start dieting soon!!!! hohoho....

    last but not least... HAPPY 30 MONTHS BABY!!! LOVE U!!! haha..... MUACKS! ^^

    9:17 PM