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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Monday, September 21, 2009
    Friends & Family

    WARNING : The following post is gonna b long and loads of words.


    i was looking ard facebook, when i chanced upon whitney's status.
    "can anyone tell me wats the defination of friends?"

    hmm. i tot for awhile. then i replied her post.
    "different ppl haf diff definations. u haf to find ur own."

    well. tts wat im gonna talk about to day.


    ever wondered y i would say tt to whitney? here's y. some ppl might think tt friends = ppl tt stick with u thru thick n thin. tts 1 kind of friends. friends r split to many different kinds actually. i myself experience tt. i can classify friends into several categories, mainly

    Hi Bye friends
    Play friends
    Good friends
    Close friends
    Friends i cannot do without.

    i'll 1st explain bout the 'Hi Bye friends'. oh wait. it actually speaks for itself. lol. lets skip it. NEXT!!!

    Play friends. these r frens i play with. i can ONLY play with. means, when im in the mood for playing game or watsoever, i'll look for them. n naturally, some of them i will only look for me for tt purpose only.

    Good friends. these r ppl whom i will call good friends because i tink of them once in awhile. they would haf appeared in my life for a short period of time but i would consider them impt to my growing up life.

    Close friends. these r friends whom i consider to b impt to me. they will come to my mind v often but they cannot b compared to friends i cannot do without. reason y? they dun even come close to understanding me 80%. let alone 100%. yes they might haf been a v impt person in my life when i m growing up. but then again, in my own categorizing, they do not noe my darkest secret. y? cos i dun tell them, or they haf their own life to lead. i cant always hold on to their time telling them my secrets yea?

    Friends i cant do without. these ppl r ppl, who holds a special place in my heart.(of cos other than my family n my baby lijun ^^) they r ppl who noes me very well. wat i tink. wat im gonna do nxt n wat im gonna say. seriously. sometimes we might say the same thing at the same time, or type the same msg in msn. i let them noe my darkest secrets etc. they will b able to push away their things jus to hear me say wat i want to say. they r the friends tt make me wat i m now. im very grateful to them. they r the ones who goes thru thick n thin with me. they will not turn their back on me. they will gif me a hand n support me when i nid help. i love them lots. they might make me mad at times but they'll always make up for it. well, guys will always b guys. we'll jus trash it out n it'll b hands on shoulders again. well. its not tt friends i cant do without r all guys.

    there r gals whom i consider in this category too. i might not talk to them much but whenever i haf a chance to meet them, it'll feel like we've nv been apart at all! we can talk like normal, laugh n haf fun as though we r meeting everyday! tts the power of true friendship. tis is also the reason y i split my friends into groups. cos over the years, u'll notice the difference with all of them.

    Lastly, to me, everyone whom i came across in my life is considered my friend. u will always haf a spot in my heart. its jus tt where u r placed. haha.... yes u.. ^^


    its a simple word everyone says or types out so easily. haf u ever wondered y ppl always say family is the most impt? not only because ur parents worked so hard to feed u. but the fact tt without them, u r nothing. once in awhile, some ppl will say i hate my parents n watever mean stuff... but haf u considered y r u hating them? is it really their fault? of cos there r cases where parents really make mistakes. well. i can only pray for u. but all i can say, 70% of the time ur parents care a hell lot about u. even ur siblings.(if u have any.)

    y would i say tt? recently, when tim, my youngest bro got fever on n off all of a sudden. i was kinda worried. no idea y but i got worried. i could say its brotherly love. (hohoho... all of a sudden i become a nice bro? XD)

    sometimes i really wonder wat is kenniy tinking too. he is so quiet all the time. i wonder if he reads my blog. bro. can we chat sometime? mum call me to talk to u more. u're so quiet. >.< Ur smile is always so true. ever since young, i noticed ur smile has always been nice. but nowadays, i sense abit of sadness within it. care to tell me wats wrong someday bro?

    well, today b4 dinner i saw tim drinking bubble tea. i said to him tis particular sentence
    "waaa. drink bao bao cha nv buy for me. kui wo hai mei ci mai gei ni."
    guess wat? he remembered wat i said.

    when i was reading manga at ard 9+ he came into my room, and asked if i wanted anything from gek poh. i looked at him n said, slurpee. he said ok. wat flavour n wat colour cup. i told him coke n purple cup! he said ok n walked out to go gek poh. i was smiling all the time.
    after he came back, at ard 10+ he asked if i wanted to eat salaree cake.(i dun really noe how to spell it.) i din really wan to eat it. but then i tot again. tim is asking me! its a rare occurance! lol. so i went to eat it. well, to b honest, years ago when i bought it n ate myself, it din taste as good as when i ate it when i was young, so i din expect it to taste good.

    to my surprise, it tasted sweet and nice! jus like when i was young! it was at tt moment tt it struck me y it tasted so good.

    i was eating it with my brothers.

    the cake nv tasted so good b4....... call me lame or wat. but i felt the brotherhood within us at tt moment. i smiled happily after eating the cake.

    my little bro has grown up.

    no more little "prepare the pig" power ranger tim. he has grown up. im so happy. haha......

    1:39 AM