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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Tuesday, September 15, 2009

    Its a tues morning, the weather is cool, mr tay over jus woke up, to notice mum was sitting on the sofa. i tio chua awhile, then i asked her wat u doin here.. i proceeded to do my washing up. after tt she told me tim's having a fever. omgz. poor tim. left for work after getting ready...

    mr shermz here arrived at the office, n he is alr bz getting ready for the day ahead. well tt might not seem like me but it was me today! i'm like a hardworking peon now!!!! lol.... well i had to deploy 1 person today, but i found it quite stress still! i deployed 1 notebook ytd. tt was freaking stress! cos the end user was a manager, n its my 1st time deploying computers to them!! omg... i perspired quite alot... not only becos i was wearing a jacket, but oso becos i was v v v nervous.

    today the deployment went quite smoothly, with some hiccups on the way but i managed to either get help, or solve it myself. however i missed out on the lan cable when i left the user's desk! omgz.. i missed it cos she asked if i could move the notebook to her right side, cos she's a right hander. i moved it for her, but becos she was gonna haf a meeting, she left b4 i was done moving it. i din haf the time to call her to try n therefore i din notice my mistake. point to remember yea? nid to do a better job nxt time sherman!! haha...
    oh ya! UNISIM called me today! weeee i'll b up for an interview on friday! hehe..... finally i'll b getting into sch. i'll nid to work hard!!! hohoho....

    the rest of the desktops arrived today. i carried then n placed them nicely. tgt with my supervisors n the guys who brought the desktops here. 55 of them! omgz.. wasnt really v xiong cos we placed it near the door. haha.. well planned.

    we unboxed most of them b4 we went off today. n tis is wat the styrofoam like substance which is used to protect the desktops.

    not bad eh? i took the pic from below to make it feel high. its actually quite high lol.... went home. went to da bao food, then reached home. tired yet happy. haha.. cos the day of work is over XD.
    expected to c n show my little bro some concern when he come home with my parents but yet i dun c him. haha.... sad. my little bro went out alr. despite him feeling sick. pai kia. lol. well, c im such a good brother. hahahahahaha..... after dinner, mum gave me a thumbdrive. omgz. so cute!!!
    YES ITS SHAPED AFTER A MOONCAKE! haha... so cute sia.... its a 2gb thumbdrive btw... haha... hmm.. addicted to listening to songs again.. haha... so many nice songs i've always wanted to listen. dled some ytd n listening to them now... haha.. i'll put some of them on my mixpod later after tis. haha...
    cya all nxt time!! hehe..

    8:01 PM