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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Thursday, September 17, 2009
    sick boy with mask. -.-

    yo yo!! its thu! y m i blogging? cos tml is fri n im on leave!! haa... nothing to do lor.. haha... y m i on leave some of u might b asking. cos sim finally called me on tues, asking me to go for interview on fri! haha.... i hope i get accepted for the course. i really wanna start studying n get my degree asap!!! earn more $$ n marry baby!! hahaa.....

    well, its thu. a normal working day. but!!! I MAKE IT DIFFERENT! lol...... with some photos from workplace once again!! haha.... i was sick since tue. n v v sick tis morning. lynette saw me tis morning. i told her i was sick n she str8 away stood 1 step away from me asif im a ghost. lol wth.... big reaction. lol. whitney n khai came along after awhile. they call me take mc. but im alr here. no point lol.... they called me to wear a mask. so i wun spread the germs to them. lol..... i did as suggested..... i wore the mask 80% of the time. i only took it off when i eat n drink n lunchtime. cos i eat n drink lol.....

    Mask boy!!!!
    well, there was tis lady who came in with a box right b4 lunch. the 3 of us stared at her. she took the containers out of the box. I WAS DELIGHTED!!! LOL. u noe y?

    This is y....

    SNACKS FOR US!!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGG SO MANY GOODIES!!!! i tink i'll grow fat working pretty soon.... lol....

    we set up the auditorium today..... with all notebooks, lan cabling, power for the notebooks and locked them up secured..... after switching off the lights, then i noticed something quite cool n nice....

    here is it!!!
    the lights of the mouse so nice!!! lol..... it has some red in it but it wasnt v outstanding.... it would b nice if u were there to c it for urself... haha...

    went to meet up with alan after work today. i wanted to go home str8 away but kenniy called me n told me dad asked if i wanted to join them for dinner. i said ok. time to meet was 620pm. i looked at the clock on the bus. 518pm. OMG. LOL.. jia lat...

    i called alan n then met up with him to spend some time away b4 meeting up with my family for dinner... haha... cl came soon after... we chatted for awhile b4 mum arrived. we walked ard for quite awhile b4 we decided in having pizza hut for dinner.... alan n cl paiseh dun wan join us so they slipped away n haf their own dinner... haha.... ate quite little today as my appetite wasnt v good today.....

    well... nothing much after tt.. jus tv, facebook n blogging now!!! hehe..... cya guys soon!!! haha....

    10:08 PM