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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Sunday, September 13, 2009
    thu fri + sat.....

    thu was a bz day at work... after work, i went to meet alan for dinner.... we were tinking which place to haf our dinner.... soon after.. we decided on long john.... alan ate quite fast.... he finished v fast.. i tink i prob talked too much, so i started to eat faster... there it was... the last piece of fish.... i had no idea y, but i decided to flip it over...

    OMG!!! THERE'S A FLY!!!

    i tried to swipe it with my fork... it din move.. n we were tinking.. wtf? tis housfly so zai not scared of fork!!!! i took a closer look.. HOLY FK..... IT WAS FRIED WITH MY FISH!!!! zzzzz i walked out of long john cursing n swearing...

    tis pic was taken from alan's blog.. his camera more power.. can c the WHOLE FLY CLEARLY...

    went bakerzin to eat cake after tt... talked alot of crap.... drank a horrible drink which i dun like.. zzzz...

    nxt day.. the guy attached to our room is on off, so we were like ppl with no govt... lol... we blasted our music n did our work... lol... i was so bored after lunchtime, i took a couple of photos.. lol..

    my working table!!!!

    whos there? lol...

    after work, i went home str8.... tired n stuff.. haha.... opened my window, i saw this outside..

    lol wth? starhub promotion card!! LOL.... new way of promoting? i guess not... mus b the strong wind during the day blew this card from somewhere to my window ledge... lol.... i was so tired i took a nap after bathing... it was like 5+ only!! lol... i napped till almost 7 when baby lijun came over... lol....

    today oso damm tired.. baby working.. i woke up at 2+ then after brunch i jus laid on my bed... n fell asleep... lol.... so freaking tired... dunno y sia... woke up n played abit little king's story then went for dinner.. mum cooked... hehe... played somemore little king's story after tt.... then played abit dota b4 wo cai.. met james in game... LOL... so qiao!!! haha... well tts about it.. 2nd gal of wo cai come out le.. today de abit disappointing.. >.<>

    cya all!! haha..... wait for my nxt update!! haha...

    12:10 AM