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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Sunday, October 18, 2009
    Heros Of Newerth

    Best viewed in HD n full screen.

    see tis? i 1st got to noe about tis thru mr dang, who posted tis vid on facebook. now, im kinda addicted to it. haha... its 90% same like dota, only diff is, its graphics r so much better. so much so, tt when i 1st started off, i got carried away looking at the details i din noe my char died. LOL!!!

    i've been playing for the 2nd day now.... its fun! but yet irritating at times. y? cos so many games inside i dunno which one to join!! lol.... some join liao kena kick, some join liao nid wait v long. however, when it all starts its fast paced n fun. haha.... i suggest when tis game is open beta, dota players should all try it!!! it will b a hit!!!!

    its still in closed beta now. i got a key from chong, who got the key from yu yang. haha.... having fun playing.. haha.. some heros totally the same as dota, whereas some r a whole new hero, while some has some changes in skills. the shopping system in tis game is quite well done. jus nid some time adapting after playing so much of dota. haha....

    went for a gathering on fri. nice to c so many ppl coming tis time... the total turn up rate was 100%. bee came as well. unexpected but nice turn up bee... the rest were old timers. lol.... chong, sx n gf, ly, me n lijun, ray, liting, alan. so the total turn up rate was 10 ppl in total!!! wow wow!! haha.... so nice.... had a great time chatting. but the movie was a little disappointing. it has a nice plot n stuff, but i felt they dragged the movie for far too long. it got a little boring at the end. -.- we took some pics. little but enuf for the occassion cos we chatted alot n caught up with each other. haha.... i hope we could do tis again some time!! hehe.....

    well, enuf said. time to get back to gaming. hahaha.....

    11:34 PM