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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Wednesday, October 21, 2009
    plant and desktops

    yawnz... so tired the whole day. dunno y. mayb the heat is draining my energy. lol. got my 'lab coat' today tgt with my safety shoe! haha.... tried them on. ok quite comfortable. but i was wondering if it was washed b4. if it isnt.... omg. tt would suck. lol.....

    took a L size coat n a size 7 safety shoe. the M size coat's shoulder was too small. -.- i really haf a broad shoulder. difficult to buy clothes zzzzz. well sometimes becos of my tummy too big, sometimes becos my shoulder too broad... dammit. ok anw.... we went to the plant to deploy some shared computers. haha... ez job as there was nothing much to do. jus swapping the computers 1 for 1. lol. pretty ez job compared to the 1 on 1 basis i've been doin for so long...

    when carrying the older desktops back onto the bus so tt the bus can fetch back to the admin building, a desktop dropped on my foot. wth. i lost my grip. sianz. amazingly, the toe area really din feel anything. the safety shoe protected my toe well! haha... however, the upper part of my foot wasnt very lucky. it got hurt. now got a slight blue black there. cos i tink the desktop landed on my vein. -.-

    haiz. wanted to meet baby for dinner today after work, but then...... her mama cook liao. well, haf to wait for another day.... so tired everyday. dunno y. perhaps something is eating my energy.. zzzzz....

    miss baby. wanna c her soon. sobs.

    7:18 PM