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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Wednesday, November 18, 2009
    boo yea....

    had been working for quite awhile. had lots of snacks, been uploading them in fb n showed some of u guys here wat i've been eating at work. well, it jus got better. XD here's wat came 1 of those days. the satay sure is good. when its hot. lol. we went to microwave it. XD its nice when its piping hot. woohoo.

    here isit. haha.

    i guess i've grown fatter working. eating so much good stuff. hohohoho.....

    there's this pasa malam ard my house. i nv really liked pasa malams after i went poly. cos the things there r jus so... normal. nothing much. always the same. on monday, my family wanted to go to the pasa malam together, but i din felt like it, so i went to bathe n decided not to go. tim asked me once, mum asked me another time. i said no. i din noe y i was so angry but i felt angry at tt point of time. while bathing, i recalled the times i went to pasa malam with my family when i was young. i had so much fun.... it was then i realised, i haf to go join them. cos,

    we're a family.

    i rushed out after bathing. i went to look for them. finally i found them. all of them were so happy when they saw me. i was happy too. it has been a long time since i felt tt 'family-ish' feeling. haha..... they were at this game stall. shooting targets with this wooden air gun. i joined in to shoot some targets.

    well, i hit a top prize target. BUT IT FREAKING TURNED 180DEG!!! n back faced me!! WTH???? i asked if i won the prize. the guy said no. i was furious!!!! zzzzz freaking duckie target.

    all the guys in my family took several shots. in total we won 5 prizes. spent 30bucks. well, it was fun. really. i din really win a prize of my own, but dad was a sharpshooter, so i koped his luigi. hehehe... here is how it looked like.

    cute eh? hahahaha... btw the BIG prize target i hit was a even BIGGER LUIGI!!!! dammit. i could haf got it. sobs.....

    i've been hearing from so many ppl tt i look freaking young, so i tested my luck today.

    i got off my company transport after work. i was targeted by this gal from dunno where. i acted asif i was looking at my handphone when walking pass. she stopped me. zzzz. here's wat happened.
    the whole conversation was in chinese(mixed with some english of cos. lol.)

    lady : hello. r u on attachment?
    me : er... ya.
    lady : how old r u?
    me : 18.
    lady : oh ic. where u studying?
    me : np.
    lady : orhh. do u haf any bank account with posb?
    me : har? no.
    lady : ok thanks for ur time.
    me : oh ok. *walks away grinning*

    yes. i lied. i lied about everything. LOL. damm i was good. she totally believed me. she even believed i was 18. hahahahhaa. cannot take it. if she looked at me as i walk away, she would haf seen me shivering due to giggling. hahahaha....

    yes i do tink i look kinda young.


    started watching supernatural after watching a video posted by someone on my facebook. it was a video about supernatural. here it is.

    now i'm watching supernatural everyday! wahahahaha..... i found it interesting. my kind of tv series. my fav horror + suspense. hohohoho. i like the way they catch my attention every episode.. hohoho. yea i noe u guys out there might b saying : "slow la shermz i finished watching it alr."

    but well, i dun regret watching it now. as a saying goes : "better late than never." hahaha. well, the 2 brothers in the series r the main characters. i find tt dean, the elder brother, haf an uncanny resemblance with my fren James ong. seriously. dunno y but he gives me tt feeling. hahahahaha.

    well, back to my supernatural marathon!!! cya guys soon!

    9:05 PM