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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Saturday, November 21, 2009
    dammit. wth is wrong with vaio.

    some of u guys might haf remembered me sending my vaio for repair like a few months ago. its there again now. wats wrong? the wireless tis time. -.- i jus dun understand y vaio breaks down so easily.

    it all started on thu. as usual, i would turn on my lappy n go n haf a bath. after im back, i noticed this triangle below my usual network connection icon. i hovered my mouse over it, to c this.


    wth? r u serious? it has nv freaking happened b4. i disconnected n connected again. tis time, it says.

    CONNECTED, but its like taking forever to identify my network. i gave up. i went to sleep early on thu. REAL early.

    went out on fri, reached home on sat 3am. lol. tried to c if its working. well it didnt.

    woke up on sat, tried turning on my lappy again. again it din work. zzzz

    so i suspected it was the build-in wireless of my lappy tt is spoiled. y?

    5notebooks in the house,
    4 connected to internet.
    1 din. tts me.
    simple enuf? lol.

    got pissed off, played wii for awhile then went to jp to meet up with my baby n send lappy for repair.

    when we met the guy, he asked me 2 qns ONLY.
    guy : hello. may i noe wat is wrong with ur laptop?
    me : i cant connect to the internet.
    guy : did u check the blablablablablabla(i din pay attention to wat he was saying)
    me : no i didnt. 5 notebooks at home, 4 can access the internet. mine cant. wat do u tink?
    guy : ok.
    *types frantically on the keyboard to look for my lappy's record*

    well, enuf said. vaio is starting to piss me off. -.- y do this to me. i paid so much for a lappy tt breaks down so often. wth...... i hope it comes back to me soon though. lol. i'm so used to having my lappy beside me. hahahaha...
    ok. u might b tinking. then how m i blogging right now? im using lijun's notebook. lol.. =x ok enuf whining.. haha...

    friday i went for a gathering to welcome gabriel back to sg. we had a meal specially cooked by jake himself. well, it wasnt a filling meal but it sure was classy. lol. the fish was well cooked but i only found the taste of the lemongrass kinda overwhelming. the mango sorbet was nice. i liked it. haha....
    jake's adopted doggie. so cute. his fur is like a carpet. so nice to touch. hahaha....
    koped tis pic from jake's facebook. haha.... damm cute la his doggie.
    watched 'A christmas carol' with the guys after the dinner. din really like it. its too chim for me.

    well, back to playing rabbids with my bros. haha.... tell u guys about the game nxt time. ^^

    11:27 PM