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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Sunday, November 1, 2009

    i always believe everyone has different sides of themselves. i myself have many sides of myself. i do not understand every side of me. all i noe is they jus come out by themselves. its scary. im afraid of myself. i do not noe y i haf so many sides of myself. i do not fully understand how to control them. sometimes i even wonder if im crazy.

    feeling emo? no. im not feeling emo. its jus another side of me. i wish i could control the different sides of me. b happy when i wan, b smart n hardworking when i want to b. but no. tts not gonna happen.

    it happens in a flash. i would jus suddenly feel unhappy. i'll jus suddenly turn into a bugger who starts pissing u off. mood swing? no. its jus me. not happy with the current me? trying to change me? talk to the other me tts residing within me.

    ppl change. tts wat they always say. is it true tt they really changed?

    no. its u who have changed.

    everyone wishes to change for the better. yes so do i. everyone learn, change, adapt, move and tink in different way. therefore the change would b steep for some n gradual for some. im a slow person. i do almost everything slowly. mine would obviously b the gradual slope. dun u alr noe tt?

    jus gimme some time. pls.

    10:45 PM