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Sherman Tay Kok Wei
12th October 1987
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  • Sunday, December 27, 2009

    hohoho. been a v long time since i last blogged. 1st of all, i would like to wish all of u a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! abit late la but.... haha.... better than not saying yea? lol...

    as most of u might have known, my contract with chevron oronite has ended. no more work!!! no more waking up early in the morning!!! woohoo!!!!

    24th dec
    woke up 555am to go toilet. ALMOST brush my teeth... then i remembered. no more work. lolx... kns... went back to sleep. hohoho... shiokness. slept till quite late tt day... nv go for any xmas countdown or anything.. jus like a normal day with baby i guess...

    25dec(christmas day)
    din do anything much at home too. went to cousin's house for xmas dinner with my family.... enjoyed the sausages... hoho... so big... eat 1 alr half full... XD

    james ong recommended me to watch hai pai tian xin weeks ago. but i did not watch then, cos its still airing in taiwan. i waited for new episodes to air then i watch. little did i noe, i was so curious how the show was the other day, i went to watch the opening.

    BAD CHOICE. now i cant stop. lol..... i've been watching it for quite awhile now.... so nice!! haha.. so sweet n touching at times.... nice combination of xiao zhu n yang chen ling.... i like both of them... hohohooho..... weeeeeeee the song is in my mind.... playing all the time... lolx... hope the full version will come out soon. cant seem to find it. T.T

    tis is it. hai pai tian xin.

    tis is jus the opening. tis got me started watching the show. for u folks out there, watch it! i recommend it to u all! haha... get hooked! lol.... 达浪,达浪,达浪达浪达浪,达浪达浪。。达浪达浪达浪。

    10:02 PM