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12th October 1987
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  • Tuesday, January 19, 2010
    Dead space extraction

    Hello everybody~~~~~ as the title suggests, i'm gonna talk about dead space extraction today...

    first of all, i'll show u guys wat is dead space extraction. tis is the wii cover pic for the game.

    there. tis game didnt exactly caught my eye at 1st, but after browsing thru gamespot, i noticed it has quite a high review n even got the best wii game for the yr! therefore, i decided to gif it a try...

    1st impression

    when i 1st got it, i was quite reluctant to start, cos i wasnt a really brave guy i can say. i tot it would b like those scary monsters popping out from every corner as i move along. however, after i started playing, i found it not so scary anymore. Y? becos i wasnt controlling the movements. i wasnt walking ard in the game myself. hahahaha. yes. u cannot control ur own character.

    when u can control ur own movements, u'll b more prone to being frightened, cos u're concentrated on moving ur character. therefore it gave me room to relax. however, it spawned another problem for me. i felt giddy after playing for quite awhile due to the inability to control and know in advance where to put my sight on.

    although i could not control my movements, i could say the auto movements were pretty well thought out n done by the game producers. for those who haf higher tolerance than me will find the movements good n dramatic enuf.

    1player or 2players?

    i haven tried the 1player mode myself, cos i would play with my gf tgt. i would suppose there would b not much of a difference other than 1 part. the interactive part. at some particular points of the game, u would nid to solder the points on the board to overwrite programs. its jus some interactive gameplay incoporated by the producers which requires both players to coordinate. as 1 of u will solder ur way thru whereas the other 1 of u would fight off the hordes of monsters known as necromorphs if im not wrong.

    here's quick look at wat u're up against.
    Note : the bigger ur tv is, the uglier they get. :)

    soldering might get irritating at times cos there would b some booby traps as well. u'll get to c them as u play along...


    along the way, u would get to play as different characters in the game(mainly Nate). the gameplay, is however similiar throughtout all characters. only the thing tt is different is tt everytime u jump into a new character's body, u would lose most of ur weapons. there r loads of different weapons out there. but due to the mode i played, u can probably complete the whole game without ever needing to use other weapons other than ur rivet gun, which is has unlimited ammo.
    FYI : i completed NORMAL mode using a rifle for the last boss.

    i would not b able to gif u guys a detailed breakdown of the weapons cos i myself haven really used them very often. u'll haf to explore them urselves!! haha...

    The Verdict
    Good game. play it with a partner to enjoy more fun times tgt. u might wanna play it alone too to enjoy a different experience.

    enjoy the ending when u clear the game. :)

    2:08 AM